Monday, October 30, 2006

07 YZF R1

All-new, light, powerful and packed with trickle-down MotoGP trickery, the YZF-R1 is the most advanced Open-class production motorcycle ever built.

All-new inline four-cylinder engine is the most powerful, tractable R1 powerplant ever, thanks partially to the world’s first electronic variable-length intake funnel system.
The YZF-R1 uses the YCC-T fly-by-wire throttle system for flawless response under all conditions.
Slipper-type back torque-limiting clutch greatly facilitates braking/downshifting from high speed.
All-new aluminum Deltabox frame and swingarm take Open-class handling to the next performance level.
New, six-piston radial-mount front brake calipers and 310mm discs generate the kind of braking power a bike like the new R1 requires.

Short-stroke 998cc DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled inline four- cylinder engine produces more tractable power than ever.
Yamaha Chip Control Throttle controls a 32-bit ECU fuel injection system for super-responsive, smooth, instantaneous power delivery.
Yamaha Chip Control Intake electronically adjusts intake funnel length between either 65 or 140mm for an amazingly broad, smooth powerband.
Two-piece ergonomically designed fuel tank carries fuel in the rear section, for good centralization of mass, while the front half contains a Ram-Air-fed airbox for increased power.
Lay-down design cylinder head optimizes weight distribution, straightens intake tracts for improved cylinder filling, and allows frame to pass over instead of around the engine for great strength and a narrow chassis.
Closed-deck cylinder block increases strength and allows a narrow engine in spite of big, 77mm bores.
Narrow-angle four-valve combustion chambers produce a highly efficient 12.7:1 compression ratio; 31mm titanium intake valves and 25mm exhausts controlled by new, high-lift cams flow plenty of air.
Light and strong nutless connecting rods with fractured big ends produce a quick-revving engine with excellent high-rpm durability.
High silicon-content ceramic-composite cylinder sleeves ensure great heat dissipation for consistent power delivery and reduced friction.
Close-ratio six-speed gearbox with triangulated shaft layout for great strength, compactness, and quicker acceleration.
Ramp-type slipper clutch makes braking from speed into tight corners while downshifting smoother and therefore faster.
Redesigned titanium underseat exhaust system (with stainless steel midpipe and catalyst) provides excellent cornering clearance and a broad, seamless powerband.
13-percent greater radiator capacity and an aluminum liquid-cooled oil cooler maintain stable operating temperature.
Direct ignition coils, dual-electrode spark plugs and high-output magneto deliver extremely accurate, reliable firing.
AC generator behind cylinder block produces a narrow engine with excellent cornering clearance.

An all-new Deltabox frame tuned for optimal flex carries the lay-down four-cylinder stressed-member style, for great handling and efficient aerodynamic penetration.
A new truss-type swingarm is extremely strong and tuned for optimal traction and feedback.
Dual 310mm front disc brakes; new, six-piston radial-mount calipers and Brembo radial-pump front master cylinder with adjustable lever deliver amazing braking power and feel.
Fully adjustable KYB inverted telescopic front fork with 43mm tubes has been revalved to complement other chassis changes.
Piggyback rear shock now offers both high- and low-speed compression adjustability, rebound damping and a new, twist-style spring preload adjuster.
Light, five-spoke wheels enhance acceleration, deceleration, handling and suspension action.
Additional Features:
Redesigned headlights provide great illumination and distinctive style, while the LED taillight is light, bright and highly efficient.
Adjustable LCD illumination and multi-function digital gauges: adjustable shift light, odometer, dual tripmeters, water temperature, air temperature, full-time clock, lap timer and large 15,000 rpm analog tachometer.
New-design fairing with bigger Ram-Air intakes and screwless windscreen provides maximum aerodynamic efficiency and engine performance.
Sticky 120/70-ZR17 and 190/50-ZR17 radial tires for incredible grip and precise handling.
Forged footpegs are extra durable and light.
Extensive use of hollow bolts and lightweight fasteners helps trim overall weight.
8.6 AH battery is compact and light.
Durable #530 O-ring–sealed drive chain.
Standard toolkit located in convenient storage compartment under passenger seat.

Ninja zx10R


Racetrack performance with real-world stability

It didn’t take long for Kawasaki’s original Ninja® ZX™-10R sportbike to earn a reputation for dominating horsepower and excellent handling. The second generation ZX-10R continues that domination, featuring a racetrack-focused chassis and more horsepower than any other open-class supersport. Street riders and backroad enthusiasts will also appreciate the ZX-10R’s solid stability and predictable handling, thanks to its superb engineering.

With excellent mid-range power and a screaming top-end, the ZX-10R’s ability to accelerate out of corners is aided by its linear power delivery and enhanced traction provided by its long swingarm. This makes it easier for riders to capitalize on the ZX-10R’s horsepower advantage.

Designed for the rider who feels at home in racing leathers, the ZX-10R delivers unmatched track performance. A short wheelbase coupled with a long swingarm gives the bike outstanding maneuverability and excellent rear wheel traction. Even more to the liking of experienced racers, the Ninja’s concave tank top and the relationship between pegs, handlebar and seat only magnifies its appropriateness for the track.

The ZX-10R shines in the upper speed ranges, thanks to a fairing, seat cowl, and dual under-seat exhaust system which are designed for slippery aerodynamics and a clean look that sets it apart from its competition.

When arriving at the next corner faster than the competition, the rider needs brakes that are up to the task. Not only does the ZX-10R offer impressive stopping power from its dual floating 300mm petal discs, radial-mount four-pad/four-piston calipers and radial-pump master cylinder; it also provides precise modulation and a consistent feel at the brake lever.

The ZX-10R features an adjustable, race-spec, twin-tube, Öhlins steering damper with relief valve. The twin-tube damper uses the second tube like a reservoir tank to help ensure consistent performance under demanding race conditions.

At its core, the Ninja ZX-10R is a motorcycle built for the accomplished rider who can fully appreciate its capabilities—whether put to the test at a racetrack, or merely the focus of bench-racing conversation. It is, by all standards, the embodiment of the ultimate superbike.

Special Edition

Key Features

- Incredible Power-to-Weight Ratio
- Race-Oriented Performance
- Track-Tuned Handling
- Aggressive Aerodynamic Styling

998cc Four-Cylinder, DOHC Engine
- Very compact, narrow and lightweight design
- The upper crankcase and cylinder are a one-piece casting, which is more than two pounds lighter than using a separate cylinder and offers increased rigidity. A slanted casting process rotates the piece during casting to eliminate imperfections and excess casting material
- Channels in the case mounting surfaces route oil to various parts of the engine, eliminating oil lines and saving weight
- Crank axis, input shaft and output shaft create a stacked triangular layout that reduces engine length and lowers the center of gravity
- Narrow engine design allows excellent ground clearance for 52 degrees of lean angle
- Round (not cam-shaped) throttle pulley provides low throttle resistance and combines with revised ECU mapping to provide linear transitional power characteristics when the rider gets back on the gas coming out of a turn. Ultra-fine atomizing fuel injectors aid combustion efficiency and power output
- Lightweight Denso radiator has tightly packed cores for optimum cooling
- A high-efficiency, liquid-cooled aluminum oil cooler uses specially designed internal fins to dissipate heat and cool the oil

Four-Valve Cylinder Head
- Compact valve train reduces cylinder head height
- Intake ports and coolant passages developed using flow analysis for efficient cylinder filling and more power, and maximum cooling efficiency
- Camshafts are carved from forged chromoly billet, which is more than one-half pound lighter than cast cams. The cams and tappets are treated with soft nitriding to prevent galling and seizing with the aggressive, high lift profiles
- Single valve springs with oval cross sections are light and lower to reduce overall cylinder head height
- Forged sintered aluminum spring retainers are half the weight of steel retainers and allow higher rpm

Forged Pistons
- Forged pistons are lighter, stronger and more heat resistant than cast versions. Flat-top design matches the compact combustion chamber and improves combustion efficiency

Ram Air Induction
- Central ram air duct produces a straighter path to the airbox for maximum intake efficiency and provides the mounting surface for the instrument panel, eliminating brackets and weight
- Flow analysis used to design efficient ducts to the airbox that also prevent water from reaching the air filter
- Compact airbox and air cleaner are highly efficient and contribute to the compact riding position

TCBI Ignition with Digital Advance
- High-speed 32-bit ECU processor provides precise engine management
- Spark plug-mounted ignition coils are compact and help reduce weight

Titanium Exhaust with Butterfly Valve
- All-titanium system provides the ultimate light weight exhaust
- Butterfly valve, located before the exhaust splits to the mufflers, is controlled by rpm, throttle position and gear position to improve low-end response and help smooth overall power. Optimum exhaust tuning is attained at all engine speeds to prevent blowback that can occur with high speed overlapping valve timing

Six-Speed Transmission
- The splines on the transmission shafts are barrel ground so the gears slide smoothly for improved shift action
- Close ratio transmission increases circuit performance
- A back-torque limiting clutch automatically disengages the clutch under hard braking and deceleration to prevent rear wheel hop during corner entry. Optional springs, spring retainers and shims are available to fine-tune the clutch for specific conditions

Aluminum Twin Spar Backbone Frame
- Combination of pressed and cast aluminum components are welded to form the twin-spar backbone-type frame. By combining cast and pressed pieces frame weight is kept to a minimum while still providing high strength and stability with responsive handling
- Twin-spar backbone design provides 600cc class width
- Die-cast, one-piece subframe is strong and light
- Chassis features optimum center of gravity for easy roll response, this is particularly important when riding through a series of esses or returning to vertical as the rider exits a corner

Uni-Trak® Rear Suspension
- Short, compact frame allows the swingarm to be longer, which makes it easier to control rear wheel powerslides
- Rear shock is fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. Ride height can be adjusted by adding/removing optional 1mm shims at the upper shock mount
- Equipped with top-out spring that allows the rear wheel to better follow the road surface when the rear end is light due to hard braking
- Small piggyback shock reservoir is designed to save weight

43mm Inverted Cartridge Front Fork
- Kayaba 43mm inverted cartridge fork provides exceptional rigidity
- Equipped with top-out springs which allow the front wheel to better follow the road surface when the front end is light due to hard acceleration
- Stiff settings suitable for track use
- Fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping

Aluminum Wheels
- Six-spoke cast aluminum wheels are practically as light as race-specific wheels. The six-spoke design requires much less material between spokes so that rim thickness is thinner and lighter

New 07 z1000


Kawasaki engineers have literally upped the ante in the naked bike arena with the introduction of the newly-redesigned 2007 Z1000. Offering both increased performance and the styling to complement the visceral riding enjoyment it provides, this purpose-built Kawasaki is sure to find a home in the garages of both practical motorcyclists—and those simply seeking a smile-producing weekend ride.

This latest incarnation of the Z1000 features a seriously bulked-up performance capability that is created by refocusing engine and chassis characteristics for serious street riding. With one liter of superbike technology, the Z1000’s boosted engine performance provides greater exhilaration when passing or pulling out of corners. This version of Kawasaki nakedness has been tuned to satisfy the most demanding musclebike riders. Not only will its reconfigured torque measurements provide low-end get-up-and-go, but the increased pull follows through its mid-range, giving the rider extra thrust for conquering most road challenges.

Placing maneuverability at the forefront of the engineering task, Kawasaki has developed a new engine sub-frame and re-engineered chassis rigidity balance to provide truly outstanding feedback, enabling the rider to read and respond to all motorcycle behaviors, in all speed ranges.

Improvements in mass centralization and revised ergonomics have significantly enhanced the synergy between rider and machine. The handlebars of the Z1000 have been positioned closer to the rider, and combined with a slimmer saddle, the result offers a more compact riding position. This, in turn, lets the rider take full advantage of the motorcycle’s greater stability and sharp, nimble, handling characteristics, while making short work of their favorite ribbon of asphalt.

A big increase in the “Fun to Ride” factor is an unavoidable side-effect when you couple a more powerful engine with a more maneuverable chassis. When it comes right down to it, isn’t that what motorcycling is all about?

This particular model—perhaps more than any other—speaks to the intrinsically raw desire of the dedicated motorcyclist. While providing maneuverable, functional transportation in any daily environment, it provides the ability to unleash the fun-seeker in every rider. And it does it with Kawasaki performance and styling characteristics unmatched in the naked bike category.