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Thicket Of Racial Politics Snags Susana; Dems Pounce; State GOP Missteps With Ill-Timed Release; Whose Ready For Prime Time Here?

GOP Guv candidate and Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez was snagged in the thicket of racial politics this week, raising the question of whether her campaign is ready for general election prime time.

She and her consultants ran an excellent primary campaign, but they have to make the turn and start appealing to the broader electorate. This email incident reveals that they may not be quite ready. She needs to stop thinking like a DA and start thinking like a governor," analyzed one of our Alligators monitoring the action...

The email he spoke of is the now infamous hate joke that was forwarded around by an assistant district attorney in Martinez's office. It ended with a Mexican and Arab being shot in a bar in the name of immigration control. Not exactly what you would call a rib-tickler, and raising questions on how Martinez would handle the incident with her staff.

After she left initial reaction chores to her DA's office which said the attorney forwarding the email would be reprimanded, the Dems on Wednesday forced the Martinez camp to go further. They trotted out prominent Hispanic politicos like ABQ Dem State Rep. Moe Maestas and ABQ City Council President Ken Sanchez to condemn the email action and asking that Martinez fire the employee in question.

Dem Guv nominee Diane Denish, getting her first real break in the free media since the June 1 primary, also threw some kerosene on the fire and said she would have immediately fired the employee with their finger on the forward button.

There is absolutely nothing funny about the email that was circulated by Susana Martinez’s staff. It is offensive, inexcusable and runs against the fabric of what we stand for as New Mexicans. As far as I’m concerned, there should be zero tolerance for racism and Susana Martinez’s silence on the matter has been disappointing. Needless to say, if this happened in my office, the employees responsible would no longer have their jobs.

That sounds like something Susana should have said as she works to round up the all-important Hispanic vote that is thought to be more in play this cycle because of Martinez's status as the first Hispanic female Guv contender, but her camp came with what was termed a tepid response by campaign pros we spoke with. Her statement:

Susana Martinez found the forwarded email ‘joke’ to be unacceptable, and immediately addressed the issue when it was brought to her attention by reprimanding the individual and issuing a statement from her official office to make clear that the email forwarded by one employee did not represent her views, nor the views of the office...

Only "unacceptable?" How about outrageous, or reprehensible?

Well, that's the turn to the general election our Gator was talking about. Martinez left a lot on the table with that come back.

The state GOP tried to go offensive on Di with this:

If only the Democrat Party and Diane Denish had expressed this same sense of outrage when it was determined in 2006 that 150 state employees in the state’s Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) had been abusing state email accounts and accessing pornographic internet sites.

Duly noted, but it was Susana's take on that hate joke that the people in the bleachers really wanted to hear and they didn't hear much.


And then there was the unintended joke from the state GOP. As the Martinez camp battled back over the forwarded email which described shooting a Mexican illegal and Arab with a .45, the state party--on the very same day--forwarded a news report to newsrooms that boasted of how Martinez provides her own personal protection, by--get this--carrying a .45. To the videotape:

Martinez provides her own personal protection in the form of a .45 semi-automatic handgun. It is with her at all times. She is not a large person. Indeed, she is diminutive. It’s hard to discern where she has concealed this potent weapon. Maybe it’s in her purse, maybe not. You simply can’t tell when you are in her presence.

Well, that's interesting, but we don't know how reassuring it is to the Mexicans and Arabs still freaked out by their fictional brethren being gunned down in a bar with a .45 just like the one Susana favors. Memo to GOP Chairman Harvey Yates: there's this thing called the news cycle, Harvey, and you're part of it.

These events--the forwarded sensational email and the ill-timed forwarded news story were events out of the hands of Susana. But being a good Governor is knowing how to clean up after the elephant just did an impolite body function in your Fourth Floor office. Never mind that you never invited the damn beast into the place.

This is a close race for governor, one that could be decided in the end by reactions to breaking news such as the forwarded hate email. In their first foray into this foreign world Martinez and her team may have gotten stuck in a "us vs. them" paradigm and wanted to cede no ground to Denish. But in doing so they lost a chance to turn the joke into a leadership opportunity and establish her street cred with Hispanics who admire her from a distance but are uncertain whether they should.


Alligators with long memories are recalling this week how Senator Robert Byrd, who passed this week memorably chastised our own Big Bill at a Senate hearing back in 2000. Commenting on Richardson's performance as Secretary of Energy in the Clinton administration and the case of some lost computer disks at Los Alamos Labs, Byrd lambasted Bill:

You would never again receive the support of the Senate of the United States for any office to which you might be appointed. It's gone. You've squandered your treasure.

In 2002, Byrd downplayed the statement when the R's tried to use it to their advantage when Big Bill was running for Governor. Richardson never did appear before the Senate for confirmation. His appointment as Obama's commerce secretary was pulled early because of pay-to-pay scandals in New Mexico. You can see the short clip of Byrd taking on Bill here.


From all corners of the state comes news of the life-changing Great Recession. For example, in little Aztec, in the Four Corners, the government now goes to a four day week.

And there's now an air of melancholy surrounding ABQ as the unceasing downturn keeps thousands on the jobless lines. A job fair at the state fairgrounds attracts thousands, but there are no jobs for them. Unemployment in the city is at historic levels, just below 9 percent.

Those who speculate that the unemployed collecting benefits have no incentive to look for work need only look at that turnout for that job fair.


Insiders say the new communications director for Susana Martinez camp will be Raj Shaw. He's relocating here from Connecticut...Matt Kennicott from the state House GOP Caucus will take a leave of absence to be the director of operations for Susana Martinez's Guv campaign...Christina P. Argyres was appointed as the newest Metropolitan Court Judge By Gov. Richardson. She replaces Judge Anna Martinez who retires at the end of June.

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Racist Email Jars Martinez; How's Her Judgment? Plus: More On Her Cartel TV Ad, And: State PIO Is MIA

A racist and hateful email "joke" that celebrates the killing of a Mexican and an Arab as a solution to the nation's illegal immigration problem has become the unlikely first test of judgment for GOP Guv nominee and Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez. She also happens to be the nation's first Hispanic female Guv candidate. Is she passing that test by handing out a "reprimand" to the assistant district attorney who forwarded the nasty email around, or should the offender be given more stern punishment--like being fired? (AP coverage here.)

The punch lines of the forwarded email are:

The New Mexico girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips our her .45 and shoots the Mexican and the Arab.

Catching her glass, setting it on the bar and calling for a refill, she says, "In New Mexico, we have so many illegals aliens that we don't have to drink with the same ones twice."

At the bottom of the email is the message: "God Bless New Mexico and that Particular New Mexican Girl"

The entire email can be seen here.

It was circulated about a week after the primary election in which Martinez made her tough stance on illegal immigration instrumental in defeating Allen Weh who she accused of being soft on immigration.

State Dems wasted no time seizing on Martinez's reprimand, with party Chairman Javier Gonzales calling for the unknown assistant district attorney to be fired:

The people of New Mexico must trust their law enforcement officials, not fear them. The racial slurs in this joke about our Hispanic and Middle Eastern communities are absolutely unacceptable and not conducive to making people feel safe. Hate breeds hate, and I urge Ms. Martinez to take immediate action and terminate all state employees in her office who sent this violent and hateful email.

The immigration issue has always been seen as a double-edged sword for Martinez--helpful in the primary in a Republican party that is now nearly ultra-conservative, but potentially harmful in the general election where more moderate voters dominate and where the issue has not been used in past elections in a big way.

But Gonzales and other Democrats are saying that Martinez's harsh tone has paved the way for the kind of hateful email that is now blowing up on her. They will also try to advance the issue with the national press which has taken an interest in her candidacy.

Martinez let a spokesman for her DA's office carry the water on this and was not quoted in the first round of news reports, but if the issue gets legs she will have to take it on directly. She could explain that a reprimand is sufficient because the email did not apparently originate in her office, but was simply forwarded.

Another question is what constitutes a reprimand in this case? Is it more than a slap on the wrist? And what would be Martinez's actions on such an email if she were Governor? If it is a reprimand, is that enough to inhibit such reprehensible communication?

Whether the first explanations coming out will be good enough or whether this bump in the road becomes a blockade into the Hispanic community remains to be seen.


The R's went ballistic when it was recently discovered that the AFSCME union had emailed to state computers a charge that said Martinez would lay off 5,000 state workers. The ABQ Journal even editorialized about what they saw as a serious breach of regulations. Insider Dems are now asking whether the paper will be as put out by the racist email being forwarded around Martinez's state office. Stay tuned.


And we have more for you today on another controversy that has kept the Martinez campaign hopping--the claim made in her TV ads that, as district attorney, she has “taken on members of the most violent Mexican drug cartels.”

The Santa Fe New Mexican shot down that assertion, reporting that most high level drug cases are prosecuted in federal court, so Martinez could not have been prosecuting such cases in state court in Dona Ana. Her campaign shot back that she could not disclose her work on such cases because it could endanger informants and their families. They also trotted out one Ernesto Ortiz, director of the NM High Intensity Drug Traffic area, supporting Martinez's claim. But there are serious questions about Ortiz's credibility, as disclosed by one of our Alligators who did the research:

Why is Mr. Ernesto Ortiz, director of the New Mexico High Intensity Drug Traffic Area (HIDTA), saying that Ms. Martinez’s office plays an integral role in fighting the drug cartel? Interestingly, Ms. Martinez is on the HIDTA board. Here is the latest on corruption and the New Mexico HIDT --scary. Why isn't Ms. Martinez exposing this matter? She is on the Executive Board. She should be aware of these matters...

The article linked to is by journalist Bill Conroy. It says:

A law enforcement task force in New Mexico that is supposed to target drug-trafficking criminals is instead awash in charges that it is using its nearly $600,000 taxpayer-subsidized budget to fund its own corrupt practices.

The task force was previously the target of an investigation by the internal affairs unit of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that revealed a disturbing trail of bookkeeping irregularities and multiple mysterious bank accounts. In the wake of that investigation, nothing of consequence happened to the task force or its operations, and it continues to operate under the same leadership to this day.

Our Alligator continues:

Also, in 2007, the problems with the HIDTA program in New Mexico were shown by the following press statement issued by the office of U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M.:

The White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy has suspended funding for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program in New Mexico for repeatedly failing to comply with multiple federal guidelines over the past three years. These reportedly non-criminal infractions are related to not using HIDTA funding for core HIDTA purposes.

See the following report on it here.

The New Mexico HIDTA should be concerned about its own operations rather than exaggerating Ms. Martinez 's role in the fight against cartels. Am I missing something?

It's interesting to note that Ortiz--who has close ties to Martinez--is so far alone in backing up Martinez's claim that she's taken on high level cartel members.

That's because the New Mexican has it right. The TV ad clearly implies that the Dona Ana County DA is a major player in the war on the drug cartels, but she won't produce a case file, or any narratives to prove the contention that would not jeopardize the alleged high level cases. Add to that the questionable credibility of HIDTA and you have yet another TV ad that is discredited.


That's the question KRQE-TV investigative reporter Larry Barker is asking in promos running on the station this week for the Thursday 10 p.m newscast. He'll answer the question then, but our insiders report the Nicole in question is Nicole Gillespie, the public information officer for the Department if Finance and Administration. Barker says she pulls down $60,000 a year but he can't find her. One of Our Alligators says that's because Nicole apparently spends her time in Chicago and which the TV report is expected to expand on.

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

Email your news and comments.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

New Mexico Politics Enters A Lilliputian Era, Plus: State Of The Guv Race, And: Our Lincoln Days Summer

New Mexico politics is in a Lilliputian stage. The big names are all gone or going and those left in their wake have only a superficial relationship with the public. As a result, negative campaigning will be even more fierce because voters do not have past records to measure and consultants will seize on that opening to give definition to the opposition candidate.

Let's reflect for a moment on what has happened here in the last two years.

Senator Pete Domenici ended a 36 year tenure and retired; Governor Richardson--like him or not--is another of the most skilled politicians of his generation--is now fading into the mists; GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson--controversial, but a major league player--is also gone. ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez--another lightning rod politico but one with deep political abilities--is also off the stage. Longtime and powerful House Speaker Ben Lujan hit the skids recently when he narrowly escaped defeat in the primary. That signals the beginning of what will be a long end; Former Governor Bruce King, a guiding light even in retirement, passed from the scene.

Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman, chairman of energy and on the Hill since '83, stands alone in wielding the kind of power that New Mexico has been accustomed to in its political leadership in the past decade.

It was an abnormal era to have so many heavyweights in the political ring simultaneously, but New Mexicans became used to having these reliable touchstones. Now they are all gone and our future leadership is as uncertain as the times in which we live. "


The ABQ Journal's Winthrop Quigley takes on Campaign 2010, and he probably won't get much push back from voters:

Thus far in this campaign we've heard that Lt. Gov. Diane Denish is a Richardson clone, which she is not, and that District Attorney Susana Martinez coddles criminals, which she doesn't. These are campaigns noticeably bereft of wisdom and maturity. When the candidates are done smearing each other, it would be nice if they noticed New Mexico has some of the nation's most pressing social needs and can't afford to address them....

It is the sheer irrelevancy of the majority of the Guv debate thus far---esoteric crime statistics and the like--that has made the campaign seem so, well, irrelevant, to so many voters.

Denish has stuck her head out of the mud on occasion to come with an economic related message. Maybe that's a hopeful sign.

Surely, the Martinez record as Dona Ana district attorney and the Denish tenure as lieutenant Governor deserve scrutiny, but where's the real stuff?

These "modern" political campaigns remind us of botched surgery--you come out alive but damaged for life.


Reader Peter Ives thinks we weren't clear enough in a recent post on how long New Mexico governors were allowed to serve prior to 1970.

Yes, there were two year terms, but the total could exceed four years. Gov. Ed Mechem was in his fourth term (non-consecutive) when he had himself appointed to the late Dennis Chavez' Senate seat (in 1962)...

That's true. New Mexico governors were elected to two-year terms when Mechem served, from 1951 to 1954, in 1957 and 1958 and in 1961 and 1962. He was the state's only four-term governor. Mechem died in 2002 at the age of 90.

Today a governor can serve two four year terms. But he or she could run again for the office if they sat out a term--just as Ed Mechem was fond of doing.


One of our longtime sponsors, Animal Protection Voters NM, has some news:

APNM announced the launch of Train. Don't Chain.®, a statewide campaign to end the cruel and dangerous practice of chaining dogs.

One tool being used in the campaign is APNM's public service announcement, "Even Dogs Have Dreams," which shows chaining from a dog's perspective.

APNM has also developed a
new Web destination which offers positive solutions and humane alternatives to chaining as it explores why chaining is a practice that should be relegated to the history books...


Here we are with Billy the Kid (any resemblance is purely coincidental) on a recent visit to the Lincoln County Courthouse, site of The Kid's notorious jail break.

We were on
ou way back to ABQ from Ruidoso and a stay at the Inn of the Mountain Gods on the Mescalero Apache reservation. We soaked up plenty of state history in both locales.

Ruidoso is filled with Texans--as it should be in summer. The shops along Sudderth seemed to be doing fairly well--there were no empty ones--but the merchandise was decidedly low-end, leaving us speculating that shop keepers don't want to carry expensive inventory in this kind of economy.

A drive
thru the Hondo Valley and tiny Tinnie was reassuring as local landmark the Tinnie Silver Dollar Steak House & Saloon was still standing. And a relaxing stop at a Hondo fruit stand amid the cool mountain air reminded us that it isn't only northern New Mexico that can quickly captivate your spirit.

This is the home of New Mexico politics. Email your news and comments. Interested in advertising here? Drop us a line.

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Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hairstyles
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Regardless of whether he wants to look like a rebel without a care or a middle class teen, his hairstyles help him to achieve the exact look he wants to make portrayal of his character on television fit with what he is doing at the time.

Martinez Shuffles Staff Deck, Plus: Another Big Hole In Another Negative Guv Ad, And: Lobbyist Mulcock Remembered

Susana Martinez brings aboard Ryan Cangiolosi as her new campaign manager this week. She broke that news to some of the GOP ABQ faithful over the weekend. He'll give up his post as executive director of the state GOP. This will be Cangiolosi's first statewide management stint. Adam Deguire, who managed the effort during the primary, now takes charge of field operations. Martinez has been without a press aide but is expected to name one this week.

Insiders say command and control of the campaign--messaging, media etc.-- remains with Lincoln Strategy Group and longtime GOP consultant Jay McCleskey, although we could see more national input as the race heats up. Another player is McCleskey's wife, Nicole, who is a pollster with Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies.

A new NM GOP executive director is expected to be named by GOP Chairman Harvey Yates.


More holes to tell you about in an ad for the race for Guv. This time it's Susana Martinez's claim in her primary spot that she has "taken on members of the most violent drug cartels." Well, maybe that's a stretch. From the New Mexican:

So who are the members of Mexican drug cartels who Martinez says she has taken on?

Martinez doesn't name names. The basic response by Martinez and her campaign when asked about specific drug-cartel cases her office has prosecuted is that her office wouldn't be getting federal High Intensity Drug Traffic Area funds if they weren't prosecuting members of drug cartels.

Both Martinez and Denish have thrown caution to the wind and come with questionable advertising claims that continue to be debunked in the press. It seems the old standard of coming with airtight negative ads has gone by the wayside. And it makes the candidates seem small, doesn't it?


Political junkies have been asking about Martinez' heritage, given that she is the first Hispanic woman to be nominated for the Guv's office by a major political party. She filled in another piece of background last week when she appeared on the conservative national talk show hosted by Laura Ingraham. Martinez said her grandparents are Mexican immigrants, according to those emailing us. They didn't say whether she was referring to her maternal or paternal grandparents or both. Earlier, Martinez's campaign said her parents were born in El Paso as was she.

With interest high among Hispanics here and nationally, it appears to be time for Martinez to come with a complete historical bio and post it on her Web site.

All of this is related to positioning in the Spanish North. While Martinez does not claim any direct lineage to the families who settled there over 400 years ago, there is still a pride factor that could help her in this normally very Democratic region.


Well-known ABQ trial lawyer Turner Branch is one of the first civilians to stick his neck out in Campaign 2010 and they're ready to chop it off. Branch, who describes himself as a longtime Republican, announced on your blog last week that he could not support fellow R Susana and is throwing his support to Di. But the Martinez camp and others pointed out that Turner has given thousands of dollars in campaign dough to Dems, despite his GOP affiliation. Now, former NM GOP chair John Lattauzio wants to pile on. Have at it, John:

I have no doubt Turner Branch considers himself an influential Republican. In my thirty years of service to the Republican Party of New Mexico State Central Committee (six years as Chairman), I never met the man. We did have an encounter however; when true to form, he and seven others met to form Republicans for Bruce King for Governor in October of 1990.

Mr. Branch sent me a letter (attached) condemning my support for Frank Bond. No more was heard of him or his group by the Republican Party.

We know things can be rough and tumble in the world of trial attorneys, but we'd wager to say that Turner believes as we do--the courtroom of La Politica is the toughest of them all.


More from the readers on the downtown debate that's been going on around here, and the city council's efforts to resurrect a plan for a $400 million downtown sports arena, now being dubbed an "events center." Developer Homer Robinson gave his piece in favor on the Friday blog. Reader Alan Schwartz comes with the rebuttal:

I'm not buying the arguments from your development booster. Downtown @ was partially funded with City cash of almost $3 million and land valued at over $1 million. That money could have just as easily made its way into our local economy if it had been left in the pockets of taxpayers...

And when will they every stop with the "development as job creation" mantra. No doubt these projects provided employment for several hundred construction and trades workers. But the job creation that counts for true economic development is of the "sustainable" kind. You build an office building or retail space and it's occupied by a new business (not one that moved from a prior location) and they hire new, full-time employees. Housing doesn't create jobs after the construction is finished.


James "Bud" Mulcock was one of those rare characters in politics who got along with everyone. He was just so darn likable and charming that hard feelings melted away in his presence.

We remember when he was a VP with PNM during the 1980's. The company was at its most unpopular but even then Bud was able to smooth ruffled feathers. In recent years, he lobbied in Santa Fe for state school administrators, bringing his warm personality and keen knowledge of all things New Mexican to the table. The Artesia native, an UNM Law School grad, lobbyist and ardent Democrat, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer Friday. He was 71.

He had a voice that sounded like he gargled with gravel and a smile that would dazzle the devil. At a lunch we had with him and a mutual friend a year or so ago, before the cancer struck, we sliced the political pie into a hundred pieces.

He was interested in the truth and improving New Mexico. On occasion, he donned the title of "Senior Alligator" and dropped us a tidbit that he thought would do one or the other.

Bud Mulcock earned his lines in the never-ending book of La Politica. His entry is marked with a wink and a smile.

Services are scheduled for Tuesday at 1 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church at 215 Locust NE in ABQ.


We erred when we initially blogged Friday that the contract between the city of ABQ and the ABQ police union expires July 1st. It expires July 1st of 2011. But the contract is subject to the availability of funding and a yearly appropriation by the city council. Here's the clip from the three year contract:

The Agreement's compensation for the second and third fiscal years shall be contingent upon the approval of the City Council as set forth in Section 3-2-18 of the Labor Management Relations Ordinance.

So what's happening right now is a contract renegotiation. Mayor Berry wants a two to three percent pay cut for the cops and all other city employees to take effect July 1, the start of the new budget year. Five AFSCME unions have contracts that expire Wednesday night.


We wish them luck with this and coming as it does in the election season, they're going to need it:

New Mexico First will host the 2010 First Forum Lecture, Collaborative Politics: Now More Than Ever, on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the National Hispanic Cultural Center on 1701 4th Street SW in Albuquerque.

The keynote speakers are Mike McCurry, former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, and Frank Fahrenkopf, former chair of the Republican National Committee. The speakers will discuss the need for finding common ground in politics, and share their perspective about the condition of democracy, cross-party collaboration and strategies for bringing Americans together....

The event will be moderated by ABC newsman, and New Mexico Rancher, Sam Donaldson...

Hey, maybe Di and Susana can go and we'll get a week or two of no negative campaigning out of it.

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Curly Hair Bangs Ideas

Curly beard can be actual annoying and arduous to appearance in adverse to beeline hair. However, with some beard slicing choices you can abate your beard into bangs, and with beard affliction suggestions you can you can advance your bangs acquiescent and fashionable looking. The aboriginal footfall whilst accepting coiled bangs is to activate with a acceptable haircut. You can go for a layered haircut; if you accept bouncing beard there are alike added choices for haircuts like adventurous bob, bouncing shag, etc. You can alike align bisected of the crew strands and advance bisected crew wavy, to actualize a alluring wavy-straight amalgamate beard look.

Bangs on Coiled Hair: Given beneath are the assorted crew bangs best one can baddest for, in accordance to their face abate and beard type.

Blunt Fringe: These hairstyles with bangs appearance arise adventuresome and anxious about alone care to be autonomous with average coiled beard or bouncing hair. One wants to align the advanced breadth of their beard beforehand than slicing a edgeless fringe. A edgeless binding is agitated out by slicing the advanced breadth of your crew until the countenance level. Softer Edgeless Fringe: Similar to aloft coiled beard with bangs appearance the edgeless binding offers an alike beard and adventuresome attending to the face. This binding helps to booty abroad application from a massive forehead, and highlights the eyes. Abate your crew into a edgeless binding and abbreviate off some beard abroad from the edges, to actualize a softer and abundant beneath fuller beheld address of the bangs.

Side Bangs with Coiled Hair: Girls gluttonous for coiled beard with bangs, consistently brainstorm about selecting aspect bangs. If you admiration to baddest this appearance with aspect bangs, again abate your beard in layers in the advanced annular your face or baddest for a abounding layered crew with bangs. Apply curl-shaping mousse to clammy beard and anatomy the aspect bangs. Scrunch your aspect bangs lightly, so that the curls about-face out to be added tighter than the diffuse layers. Blow dries your beard and you will accept admirable aspect bangs with hair.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs: Women with diffuse and coiled beard accept added choices to baddest from, for attempting out coiled beard with bangs. You care to attack a binding that is beggared alongside and put on it aspect swept. Or you can baddest for bound ringlets by creating actual baby curls with the abetment of a crimper iron. Use beard gel to backpack the curls in place. You can alike attack a layered coiled crew with bangs and curls, as layers attending awesome. Coiled crew ladies can attack the Boho coiled hairstyle. Working with your fingers, aberration your beard as acclaim as you can. This will abetment your beard advance the affable Boho beard with bangs. Know added on how to coil beard with crimper iron.

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs: Average hairstyles with bangs can be created by utilizing balmy rollers for the hair. After your crew cools down, carefully abstracted the curls with your fingers. Once you access the adapted attending of crew with bangs, use a able backpack hairspray to advance your bangs in place. Shoulder admeasurement beard attending accomplished back abate with affable layers. Abate your crew with affable layers that are added in front. Advance some baby cone-shaped ends; about the arch beard aggregate care to not be cut. Cut your crew until the earlobe end, giving it a affable layered coiled hairstyle, with bangs annular the face. Abate the advanced beard with side-swept bangs. If your beard is too kinky, again you will get a abounding angled anatomy with this haircut. Use some coil enhancer haircare items to advance your beard annular the face and over the crown. You can alike attack a block crew with acclaim layered coiled crew with bangs. Advance the block style; abate hair, shut to the nape of your neck.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday Clips: Shrinking In Albuquerque, Plus: Cops & The City's Coffers, And: Defending Downtown

Here are the money lines from the state's May jobless report analyzing the 8.8 percent unemployment rate in the metro. We're shrinking:

...Total employment in May was reported at its lowest level for the month since 2005. Albuquerque, like much of the country, has lost years of employment growth to the recession...

The ABQ area unemployment fell to 8.8% in May from 9.0 percent in April. But we have a workforce the size of the one we had five years ago. That means less payroll, less spending and less tax money flowing into city coffers.


The city's fiscal crisis has Mayor Berry tangling with the union representing city cops. How a two to three percent pay cut will be distributed is the issue creating tension. The union contract, before the fiscal crisis, had cops been expecting a three percent pay hike. What happens if there is no deal? We put that question to one our veteran City Hall sources:

On July 1, the cops will continue to work and salaries will be subject to what was funded by the City Council and the approved budget which had the 2-3% salary reductions.

The union contracts do not deal exclusively with salaries and have all sorts of terms covering a wide range of subjects such as cars, uniforms, overtime pay and PERA and medical contributions. The union would be wise to stick with fighting over the raises and no other terms while Berry wants to renegotiate all terms that have a fiscal impact.

Once July 1 gets here, the union will have three options: 1. Decide to accept working under the old contract with reduced salaries 2. Sue to enforce the contract that had the negotiated 3% pay raises or 3. Force arbitration or mediation with a third party.

The odds of winning a lawsuit are slim. I believe the contracts have a clause that subjects salaries to availability of funding...

A few months ago, I caught a report that police had busted their overtime budget by $9 million...The more experienced officers know how to work the system and can significantly increase their pay with overtime. Public Safety Director Darren White ordered the change in DWI arrest policy that requires an arresting officer to transport a suspect to jail as opposed to turning him over to the DWI unit. The policy was initiated to reduce court overtime, but has had the effect of reducing DWI arrests.

In fact, there has been a dramatic reduction in DWI arrests this year, compared to other are law enforcement. It could very well become a political issue for Mayor Berry. TV news came with the big story of fewer DWI offenders getting busted.

The budget medicine Berry is proposing is pretty mild, even if it seems like castor oil to public safety agencies used to getting an annual budget boost no matter what. Cities across the nation are laying off police officers. The new economic reality is only starting to sink in here.


Our blog this week referring to downtown redevelopment efforts as a "sinkhole" did not settle well with reader Homer Robinson:

Two of the most significant construction projects of the past few years are the downtown affordable housing apartment complexes--Silver Gardens and Downtown @. Together, these projects created well over 500 jobs, using over 50 local employers and pumping $15-20 million into the local economy.

The second phase of the Silver Gardens project is financed and set to start construction this coming winter. (I work for the company that developed and built Silver Gardens I and will be building Phase II.) Both are public-private partnerships, the result of development agreements dating back to the Baca administration, and brought to fruition by the Chavez administration.

For Albuquerque to be a truly viable city, it must have a thriving downtown. These new rooftops are one essential component...But for the restaurants, hotels and cultural attractions to really thrive, we also need a legitimate events center to bring in larger-scale conventions and conferences, which we cannot even compete for now...Now is the time for long-term thinking and investment for the future. Otherwise, we'll just plod along as we always have.

Thanks, Homer. But is a $400 million downtown sports arena in a market with no professional sports a wise long-term investment?


We don't want to rain on the parade, but it's hard to let go without comment this line from the Governor's office praising a recent award received by the state's Secretary of Finance and Administration:

The fact that New Mexico has weathered one of the nation’s worst recessions is a testament to her skill as a policy maker and financial manager.

Hello, Santa Fe? This state has not "weathered" anything. And it's still storming. We face a cumulative state budget deficit of upwards of a billion dollars, historically high unemployment, government employee furloughs, a Medicaid funding debacle and housing and energy bubbles gone bust.

Well, the Santa Fe thinking is good for at least one thing--the long-suffering tourism business. With statements like that coming from the Fourth Floor, tourists can be assured that the City Different not only offers a reprieve from the summer heat, but also a total escape from reality...


Word comes to us of the passing of an old friend and New Mexico radio legend. Chuck Logan has died at Payson, Arizona. He graced the radio airwaves in ABQ in a big way from the 70's until the 90's. He was 71.

Chuck (real name Charles Lagomarsino) was of a time when men made careers of being a "disc jockey," but they were really exemplary entertainers, spinning records and dispensing humor as well as the information of the day. He did his finest work on the old KQEO-AM and on 50,000 watt giant KKOB-AM before it switched to a talk format.

Logan, as we all called him, was old school all the way--work hard and play hard. He was a constant presence at the ABQ press club in its heyday as a media hangout. His old friend and radio colleague Gary Diamond reminisced Thursday that the "walls at the club still echo from some of those nights."

He often addressed his audience by the Native American phrase "Kemo Sabe," made popular in the Lone Ranger radio and TV series and loosely translated as "trusty scout" or "faithful friend." Chuck was truly that to a generation of radio listeners.

So long, Kemo Sabe...

I'm Joe Monahan, reporting from Albuquerque.

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Don Draper Hairstyle

Don Draper HairstyleDon Draper is the fictional protagonist in the AMC television networks series, Mad Men. He is played by the winner of the 2008 Golden Globe award, Jon Hamm. This character is based in part on the real-life creative director, Draper Daniels, who created the Marlboro Man advertising campaign for the Leo Burnett agency in Chicago in the 1950s. Draper was, until the end of the third season, the creative director for a fictional New York advertising agency, Sterling Cooper. Just before the firm was taken over by another company he and his superiors left to form a new company, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, in which he is a founding partner.

Much like the individual on the character is based, Draper Daniels, Don Draper is a man straight out of the 1950s trying to operate in the year 2010. Everything about the character from his hairstyle to his personality is a flash from the past.
Don Draper HairstyleThe hairstyle worn by Don Draper is a very conservative short haircut that has always been considered appropriate for men in the business community. The hair is cut up off the collar and above the ears. There are no sideburns to speak of. The hair is cut so that it can be styled with a single part to one side and combed over with no bangs showing on the fore head.
Don Draper HairstyleThis is a classic hairstyle that has been worn by men for generations and can specifically be classed as a businessman's haircut. It is appropriate for any man, regardless of his occupation or station in life. When compared to some of the more modern hairstyles worn by men, this particular style can be considered ultraconservative.