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Dr. No Still Needed, But Not As Much, Plus: New Mexico's Space Race; The Latest News And: A Letter From Gallup

Dr. No
Once he was the capitol chaperone, urging the revelers in Santa Fe to raise glasses with cheap grape juice not champagne. It was a message that echoed across the state as the Great Recession cast its shadow. But today, unlike the past two budget cutting sessions, the voice of State Senate Finance Committee Chairman John Arthur Smith is not quite as loud. The Deming lawmaker, who earned the moniker "Dr. No" from Governor Big Bill for his parsimonious ways, is still a major powerhouse when it comes to the budget, but that power is now being shared.

Unlike his relationship with Richardson, who fought Dr. No tooth and nail, Democrat Smith finds himself mainly in agreement with a Republican Governor whose party also takes joy in handling the budget scalpel. In that regard, the heyday of Dr. No is over. He has no foil on the Fourth Floor.

His economic perspective is now also looking dated to some Democrats. With a Republican Governor, they argue, it is best for their party to get on the opposite side of the budget argument and push back against Martinez. But Smith and the conservatives are not easily persuaded.

The public mood in New Mexico does appear to be shifting toward anxiety over budget cuts, not a push for more of them. That is an opportunity for the Democrats, but no Senate leadership has surfaced to become the face of a new era--a centrist Democrat.

Dr. No stands on shifting philosophical sands. When this legislative session ends, the state budget over three years will have been pared to $5.4 billion from its $6.2 billion peak. That's a 13 per cent cut. And the state work force has been trimmed by some 9 percent since the bull market crashed and burned.

There will always be room for fiscal conservatism, but for now it has run its course as Santa Fe's dominant political philosophy.

Governor Martinez has been somewhat ahead of the curve on this. During the campaign she said no further cuts to public education classrooms and Medicaid. She bent that promise by proposing cuts, but wee ones. How odd it is to see a Republican Governor argue against deeper budget cuts and with Dr. No going along.

We've often said that this life-changing recession was going to have us seeing things you never thought possible.

Well, how about that? Someone in the Martinez administration is finally saying out loud that they are excited about the economic potential of the Spaceport. It comes from Christine Anderson, the new executive director of the facility:

I am excited for the opportunity to lead a project that has such a high potential for success. I look forward to working with Governor Martinez and the Board of Directors to ensure that the Spaceport is developed into an economic engine that can drive development and job creation in New Mexico.

That's the most enthusiasm we've seen for the project from the new administration, but concern over Martinez's push to privatize the Spaceport still lurks. In announcing Anderson's appointment she said:

My administration is committed to working closely with Ms. Anderson and the Board of Directors to attract private investment and see the project through to its full potential...

We suppose she can keep wishing for "private investment" but this is a public works project. It is similar to how we funded ABQ International Airport--except this one is to be the airport for future space travel--suborbital and orbital as well as commercial and military. It's not only about putting rich tourists in suborbital space, although that will be the spark plug.


There is talk of having a Lockheed or Boeing manage the Spaceport similar to the way Lockheed manages Sandia Labs. But that's not owning it. The state would still control it, much the way the federal government does with Sandia. If that's what Susana means by privatization, then it addresses the darkest fears. That is a workable model.

It is the job and responsibility of the Governor to bring the Spaceport to its "full potential." We hired her to do that, not a private company. Maybe that happens down the road, but the administration will be putting the cart before the horse if it attempts to offload the Spaceport before we achieve the original mission--completing the project and putting tourists in suborbital space with Virgin Galactic.


Those hoping for the best with this deal can take some comfort in the credentials of Anderson, who is a retired Air Force civilian:

Anderson was the founding director of the Space Vehicles Directorate at Kirtland’s Air Force Research Laboratory. She served as director of the Space Technology Directorate at the Air Force Phillips Laboratory, also at Kirtland, and as director of the Military Satellite Communications Joint Program Office at the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles, where she oversaw management of a $50 billion portfolio of assets.

The previous executive director under Governor Big Bill was Rick Homans, who held a variety of posts under Bill and who was criticized for not having space experience. He is credited with getting the project up and running and nurturing a relationship with Virgin Galactic, the anchor Spaceport tenant.

Push will come to shove if and when the Spaceport needs additional dollars for final completion. Will Martinez support the funding, if needed? We suppose that's when we will truly see how "excited" Ms. Anderson is about the Spaceport.


If Santa Fe doesn't do this deal right, it could be taken from right under our noses. Monday's New York Times puts it right in front of everyone. We have competition:

Dr. Stern’s institute (Southwest Research Institute) announced that it has signed a contract and paid the deposit to send two of its scientists up in Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo vehicle (in New Mexico). Southwest also intends to buy six more seats — $1.6 million in tickets over all.

That follows an announcement on Thursday that Southwest is buying six seats from another suborbital company, XCOR Aerospace of Mojave, Calif., which has been charging $95,000 a seat for tourists. XCOR’s Lynx space plane carries just two people — the pilot and the paying passenger — so each flight will carry an experiment and an institute scientist...

Scientists, tourists, the military, private corporations. Again, the Spaceport is anything but just a playground for the rich--it represents one of the brightest hopes for the new century for New Mexico--a state whose people are so sorely in need of opportunity. Will we let it pass us by?


The Spaceport, movie making, the national labs, the military bases, tourism, the heathcare industry. All of these are present or future cornerstones of the New Mexican economy for the generations to come. Our political leadership needs to build them up, not inhibit them.


Northern state Senator Pete Campos is spreading the word that he will form an exploratory committee for a possible run at the 2012 Dem US Senate nomination. If he does, he could become one of the first candidates to start raising money. A legislator is allowed to raise money for a federal race while the Legislature is in session

State Auditor Hector Balderas, also from the north, says he is "95 percent" in, but he is not raising money yet. Former ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez is taking a serious look at the contest.

The most prominent Anglo possible candidate is ABQ Dem Congressman Martin Heinrich.


It's the battle of the secretaries of state and it's Mary's turn at bat after Dianna complained about missing documents, among other things:

Enough is enough. I did a good job. I have a reputation. She's now attacking me, and it's a defamation of character. I have the current Secretary of State accusing me of being a criminal?" I'm not going to tolerate that. It's in the law that the elected official and the deputy must have archives come in and transfer their hard drives into a hard drive to be archived....

TV news added: Herrera said Duran could easily track down those documents by going to the state archives and requesting them.


A reader writes of the sensational political antics in Gallup as voters prepare to elect a mayor:

Here is a dispatch from the wilds of western New Mexico: You will recall watching grainy security camera footage early last year of 70+ Gallup Mayor Harry Mendoza throwing haymaker punches as he chased 60+ Gallup Independent publisher Bob Zollinger around a bank parking lot. Mendoza pled no contest to a petty misdemeanor and issued a one sentence court ordered apology. He then hired attorney Sam Bregman to file a defamation and invasion of privacy suit against Zollinger who has run several new stories and over a dozen editorials accusing Mendoza of participating in a vicious gang rape in the late 1940s when Mendoza was a teenager.

Mendoza who faces stiff opposition in his campaign for re-election. He has adopted an innovative campaign strategy that may be a new contribution to the annals of La Politica. In his ads, Mendoza prominently features this quote which he attributes to Zollinger:

“If Harry Mendoza runs for Mayor again and wins I’ll sell my business and move out of Gallup.”

Mendoza’s ads claim that this “comment has been confirmed by several individuals.” To date, Zollinger has not commented publicly on Mendoza’s claim.

Election day in Gallup is March 8.

We're just thinking what a great movie this would make--a modern version of the old Western. See, those film incentives do come in handy.


Reader John Hooker writes:

A CEO, a Tea Partier and a Union worker are sitting at a table. There is a plate of a dozen cookies. The CEO proceeds to take 11 of the cookies and eats them. He looks at the Tea Partier and tells him, "Watch out! That union guy wants your cookie.

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

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Zoe Saldana: Vanity Fair Fabulous

Zoe Saldana: Vanity Fair Fabulous

Stepping out for a swanky affair, Zoe Saldana turned up at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in West Hollywood, CA last night (February 27).

The “Avatar” beauty dazzled as she waltzed along the red carpet in a red and pink dress and heels before heading inside for the soiree held at Sunset Tower.

Quite the busy lady over the weekend, Ms Zoe Saldana attended the 2011 annual Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday night.

Not only did Zoe Saldana catch up with fellow celebs like “Glee” star Jane Lynch, she also took the stage to present an award to one of this year’s winners.

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Hollywood Gossip
Photo Credit: Getty Images 

Sandra Bullock on 83rd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet

Sandra Bullock on 83rd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet

Sandra Bullock on 83rd Annual Academy Awards Red CarpetSandra Bullock on 83rd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet

Sandra Bullock looked fabulous in a red strapless Vera Wang with a matching clutch.

It's been a year of changes for Sandra Bullock since the last time she walked the carpet, from her divorce from Jesse James to introducing us to adorable baby Louis.

The brunette beauty brightened things up in a lovely red frock as she sashayed into the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center venue to tend to her presenter duties.

Sandra Bullock on 83rd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet 

Reese Witherspoon: 2011 Oscars' Beauty

Reese Witherspoon: 2011 Oscars' Beauty

Reese Witherspoon - 83rd Annual Academy Awards in HollywoodReese Witherspoon - 83rd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

Academy Awards was on hand for the 83nd annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (February 27).

Black and white is a classic combo on the red carpet, and Reese Witherspoon is channelling some seriously old school Hollywood glam in her monochrome Armani Prive gown. The two toned, strapless column dress oozes elegance, and Reese has added a touch of colour to her Oscars look with emerald drop earrings and coordinating cocktail ring. Diamond encrusted cuffs add the all important bling.

Held at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center, the "Four Christmases" actress dutifully made her press rounds while gearing up for presenter duties at the Tinseltown ceremony.

Reese Witherspoon - 83rd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

Halle Berry: 83rd Annual Academy Awards White Beauty

Halle Berry: 83rd Annual Academy Awards White Beauty

Halle Berry - 83rd Annual Academy Awards HollywoodHalle Berry - 83rd Annual Academy Awards Hollywood

Halle Berry always kills it in the fashion department, and she certainly certainly brought it on the 2011 Academy Award red carpet.

The Oscar-winning actress wore a showstopping, crystal-encrusted corset gown with organza and silk tulle ruffles by Marchesa. Simple makeup and large diamond earrings completed the look. Halle is on hand to present at this year’s ceremonies.

Halle Berry - 83rd Annual Academy Awards Hollywood
Halle Berry - 83rd Annual Academy Awards Hollywood


Amber Heard at Vanity Fair Art Auction

Amber Heard at Vanity Fair Art Auction

Here is Hollywood’s sexiest lesbian, Amber Heard looking mighty fine at the Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood “Pieces of Heaven” Art Auction on Wednesday. 

If not for the religious zealots, Amber Heard here would be considered a piece of heaven. 




Jameela Jamil & Jade Williams at Shockwaves NME Awards

Jameela Jamil & Jade Williams at Shockwaves NME Awards

Here is MIA looking Jameela Jamil and Amy Smart lookalike Jade Williams at the Shockwaves NME Awards in London last Wednesday.

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Katie Price: ‘I still sleep with Alex and I want to talk to a rapist.’

Katie Price: ‘I still sleep with Alex and I want to talk to a rapist.’

katie price rapist murders and Peter Andre gossip media

This is fun. Everyone is writing about Katie Price still sleeping with Alex Reid and how she thinks Peter Andre is just plain evil.

In an interview published in ES magazine today she has shit to say on just about everything, most of it you can read over there, but be warned it’s thick girl boring.

On Alex Reid:

    ‘Do I go and f*** Joe Public or do I f*** an ex? Can anyone here tell me that they’ve never f***ed an ex?’

On Plastic surgery:

    ‘I like my old nose. If I could get it out the cupboard and put it on, then I would’

On Peter Andre:

    ‘Pete’s probably still in f***ing love with me. That’s the problem. There’s a thin line between love and hate’

    via Evening Standard

Where I’m going with this is an altogether scarier place. Katie talks about her dream project, going into prisons and interviewing serial killers and rapists.

On serial killers:

    “My main dream – and I’m trying to get Living TV to do it – is to go into prison and interview serial killers, rapists, murderers, psychopaths. I’m so interested in the brain. I read true crime. I’m not interested in any bollocks made-up stuff; it’s got to be true.”

‘I’m interested in the brain???’  This is lost and confused at it’s best. Do I actually need to write anymore or are we all on the same song sheet.


Cheryl Cole: The new American X Factor… helper

Cheryl Cole: The new American X Factor… helper

Cheryl USA X Factor news rumors gossip

I don’t know why I’m taking such perverse pleasure in this. Cheryl Cole has been offered the role of Simon’s little helper on American X Factor. How can this be true? It can’t be so, she’s gonna be a judge sitting in the middle seat like J Lo showing off her legs and crying, isn’t she?

Didn’t the News of the World tell us she’d just signed a £10million contract ? (Don’t look at me sweethearts I’ve never spent a Rupert pound in my life.) Wots this? The Mail said something about it too?

Didn’t they all darling, how those pink pooed pantie-etters in Fleet street raced a girls gallop to Cowell’s jockey shorts and back to write for us the very last word in show biz groove. How they preened and sputtered in their made it up finery, and everyone knew of course, from the top of Heat towers to the dark corners of Wapping willies listening room, they all knew, that Cheryl ‘DEFO HAD THAT JUDGES SEAT.’

Everyone except me. Nobody told me anything.

Guess what? She hasn’t got the job. Why… because Fox bosses can’t understand a word she says, they’ve confused her with the tea lady and have stubbornly refused to accept Syco’s protests that nobodies perfect.

In fairness to Fox they said from the very start a nobody isn’t perfect and they wanted a somebody…. a somebody who speaks American.

So Syco has used Cowelery to get Cheryl Cole a job, any job. And the job is – helper !

Like Sinitta, Simon’s little helper.

The only bucks Cheryl Cole can the make from stars in America is probably a Starbucks – to go.


Oscar Disasters: Madonna comes dressed for trade

Oscar Disasters: Madonna comes dressed for trade

I don’t know how many people gave Madonna a eeweee side look at the Vanity fair party last night but you gotta feel for Lourdes having to stand next to her Mom’s bared bottom all night, it must have felt like a hookers day out at the slave market.

What do you say to your 52 year old Mom when she dresses in an outfit last seen in the window of a slut auction. How do you tell her that your little mini ha ha dress IS the limit and not an inch less?

If the restaurant I’m going to has a habit of filling it’s car park with Aston’s and Ferrari’s I arrive by cab. I don’t polish my 30 year Fiat Panda and park right alongside Malcom’s Massarati or Roland’s Rolls Royce.

I can understand Madonna dressing her 52′s this way had the dress code said come dressed for trade, but that could hardly have been written on an invite to one most prestigious events in the show biz calendar…. could it?

Madonna and Lourdes inside at the Vanity Fair party


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Kate Garraway : Flappequette and Vanity

Kate Garraway : Flappequette and Vanity

Kate Garraway Vanity Fair  

There’s something mildly horney about a famous woman weeping her heart out on your shoulder. Ever since Kate Garraway lost her dignity and went into a sobbing plea bargaining mess after being pictured smoking whilst pregnant I’ve had a soft spot for her. Women that cry, they get me every time, I couldn’t whisper baby maimer in her ear and kick her out of the car.

Why am I telling you this after all this time? Dunno, I guess when Kate lost her composure all over again, this time outside the Vanity fair party it sort of brought it back. Memories.

She was just telling everyone on Daybreak how Jamie Oliver somehow got an invite to the Vanity Fair party but he wasn’t exactly an A lister when Jamie and Jools happened to drool their way past her. Just like the smoking pregnancy incident Kate instantly lost it, threw dignity to the wind and chased Oliver down like he’d won an Oscar breakfast boner or something. She seemed to be blissfully unaware that her gush rush flappery was going out live on air.

Sadly ITV won’t release the clip so I have no choice but to show you a Kate Garraway upskirt mess instead. Sorry about that.


Fergie Appreciate Beautiful Women

Fergie Appreciate Beautiful Women 

Fergie — who is married to Transformers actor Josh Duhamel — says she will always “appreciate” beautiful women. The Black Eyed Peas star says she finds the ladies attractive, but insists she’d never cheat on her husband.

“Oh, I totally celebrate women,’ the Boom Boom Pow hitmaker told Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine. “Of course, I’m married now so it’s a different story — I’m a one-man woman. But yes I still appreciate beautiful women.”

Fergie, 34, says that she has calmed down since her 20s.

“That was like a different life! I was going to clubs a lot and staying up for days at a time,” she said. “I still love the club scene and seeing what people are wearing, but I’m not taking drugs and damaging myself like I was.”


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Carrie Underwood Keeps in Shape with Exercise DVDs

Carrie Underwood Keeps in Shape with Exercise DVDs
According to Self magazine, Carrie Underwood, the country music star, — who’s currently dating hockey star Mike Fisher — keeps in shape with exercise DVDs. Underwood says she works out with Jillian Michaels‘ videos.

“I have Exercise TV on cable,” Underwood said. “Jillian Michaels’s videos will kick your butt. She’s my trainer, and she doesn’t even know it!”

Carrie Underwood says she has lowered her sugar intake, including cutting out soda.

“I have a lot fewer breakouts,” she explains. “People have asked me, ‘What are you doing differently?’ I’m honestly just eating healthier.”

Carrie Underwood recently revealed she wants to start a family.

“Not that I have a husband to have one with yet, but someday I’d like a family – not a big one, but not a small one either,” she said. “Two kids is good; three is fine. Four? Somebody’s getting something done, because we ain’t having five!”


Freida Pinto Reveals Secret Behind Beauty

Freida Pinto Reveals Secret Behind Beauty

Celebrity Beauty – Freida Pinto – the Slumdog Millionaire actress – has revealed her beauty secrets, which is ‘lots of water and lots of sleep’. Pinto prefers to stay natural when it comes to her looks but says that takes even more care than a ton of make-up.

“I don’t have too many beauty tips because I am not fond of wearing too much make-up but the first would be to drink a lot of water because water really cleanses your system and it keeps you fresh and your eyes looking fresh, I also recommend adding a lot of fruit and vegetables to your diet and not making it too meat centric. The next one would be sleep well – sleep is as important as food and water and keeps you looking fresh the next day. So if you get a good 8 hours sleep it always helps. It all still takes work.” said the 25-year-old.


Britney Spears Hates Her Appearance

Britney Spears Hates Her Appearance

Celebrity Beauty – According to Britain’s Look magazine, Britney Spears – the Toxic singer – admits she doesn’t like the way she looks. Spears admits her perfectionist nature means she’s rarely satisfied with what she sees in the mirror.

“I’m such a perfectionist, which means I’m never satisfied, I always strive for things to be better. I think you can be happy with the person on the inside but on the outside you’re always striving for more. But that’s how you end up driving yourself crazy.” the singer said.

Britney Spears says she can’t understand why she’s considered a sex symbol.

“I don’t see myself like that at all, I don’t know why. To me, someone who is sexy is someone with confidence, who carries themselves properly and is comfortable in their own skin. It’s very flattering but at the same time I think it’s sexier when you don’t try and you’re just yourself. We all like to feel sexy.” she said.


Hayden Panettiere Has Issues About Her Body

Hayden Panettiere Has Issues About Her Body 
Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere feels insecure about her body.

“I’m insecure about my body, I’m a typical girl. I often hate my body and have bad hair days. I could show you a million things I don’t like and would change. I’ve never been one of those people who’s been obsessed with working out or being super-skinny.” she said.

“The body I have isn’t going to change, so I just try to stay as healthy as I can. The older I get, the more comfortable I am with it. I still have ‘fat days’ when I have to wear baggy T-shirts with sweatpants though!”

Hayden Panettiere recently revealed that she has been drinking wine with her meals since the age of eight.

“I was raised Italian and we always had diluted glasses of red wine at dinner time from about the age of 8,” she said. That’s just what kids do in Italy. It wasn’t ever something bad.”


Jennifer Aniston’s Hair is Getting Grey 

It seems that actress Jennifer Aniston is finding difficulty in hiding her age.

On February 11, Aniston will be 42 years old, and like other women in their 40s, she has to face changes in hair color.

“I’m sprouting more than one little grey hair, my colorist has to get creative now with what I call my natural highlights!” ” she said.


Kate Middleton Lose Weight Drastically

Kate Middleton Lose Weight Drastically 
Whether because of stress or he did it intentionally to welcome her wedding in April, the prospective princess, Kate Middleton reportedly had lost weight drastically. In fact, her dress size went down four sizes all at once!

This was said by a photographer of The Sun, Arthur Edwards, who observed the development or in this case the weight loss that occurred in Prince William’s fiancees. Previously, Kate was sized 10, and is now down to 6.

The same thing happened in late prospective mother-in-law, Lady Diana, when she was about to marry the father of William, Prince Charles. At that time, The Sun had time to give advise to Diana to stop losing weight, which will also be submitted to Kate.

“The Sun gives advice to Diana to stop losing weight. And I will do the same to her. She’s naturally beautiful and there is no point of losing weight again,” said Edwards. Yep, that’s right, who wants to walk the aisle in just skin and bones?


Emma Watson Wants Her Long Hair Back

Emma Watson Wants Her Long Hair Back 
Emma Watson — who hot fame after starring in Harry Potter — says that she wants to grow her hair back like the way before she cut off her hair last year.

“I am trying to grow it but it’s slow, it’s taking a while obviously, If I want to keep acting then it’s more flexible for me to have it longer for different roles, it’s quite a specific cut. I’m kind of looking forward to getting to a cute little bob stage.” ” she said.

Emma Watson — who has earned millions playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie franchise — recently admitted she hasn’t got a clue how she wants to spend her money.

“I have way too much money to know what to do with it,” she said.

“I bought a laptop, and a Toyota Prius when I passed my driving test, but that’s the most expensive things I’ve spent my money on outside my education.”

Emma Watson thinks it’s funny when people recognize her on the London Underground.

“The funny thing is people look at me and go, ‘Is that the girl from Harry Potter?’ And then they shake their heads and say: ‘No, it can’t be, she’s on public transport.’ And I’m sat there secretly thinking: ‘Ha Ha that’s funny’,” she said.


Dianna Agron Lies to Get Time Off Work

Dianna Agron Lies to Get Time Off Work 
Glee star Dianna Agron admitted that she often has to lie to get out of work. With her movie an tv career which is going well, she sometimes has to avoid some.

“Sometimes you have to say, ‘No.’ and people are like, ‘Wait. Why weren’t you at this thing?’ and you have to say, ‘Oh, well, because I was filming,’” says Dianna.

“Sometimes you think, ‘Okay, well if I do all these things this weekend that means I have no weekend at all and then I have to go back to work on Monday.’

“You have to protect the integrity of the show, your health, the character, all these things. So it’s just about finding the right moments for everything. And if you’re too stressed or tired just back off for a little bit.”