Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nemeth Design + Milviz = helicopter of the year

FSX. The Agusta Westland AW109 has several limitations. It's for Acceleration only, it's expensive and you can only pay it on Nemeth Design website but this helicopter is unbeatable.

Nemeth Design and MilViz - The Agusta-Westland AW109

Limitations : For FSX Acceleration only ! (not working on FSX SP2)
Price : 35 dollars.
File : 407 mb !
Manual : yes, 31 pages.
Liveries : Four variants and 9 liveries.

Let's hope this helicopter will not eventually be fatal to Nemeth Design. The small developers team published a memo two weeks ago to explain that their new product has been malevolently uploaded on torrent...

After a few seconds in your hands, you feel that this helicopter has something special. Its manageable, quick responding, and 90-95 % of the instruments and buttons are workable. And of course, the Agusta AW109 is also a high speed and high performance helicopter.
Thanks to FSX Acceleration functionnalities, the windshield perfectly shows rain drops and frost.
Animations include retractable gear, lateral door of passengers compartment, wipers. The cockpit include a GPS, a Garmin GTX330, 2 EDU displays plus a fully workable Autopilot module to hold altitude, heading, indicated airspeed, vertical airspeed or to acquire VOR course or ILS.

Here are some screenshots in various situations.