Sunday, July 31, 2011

Incoming, a new freeware in North America

FSX. After the marvelous Vashon airfield, Orbx is working on another freeware for one of its north-west sceneries.

No more info on location (Central Rockies this time ?) and release date yet.


Do you collect stamps? Ayn Rand was an avid stamp collector. I had a stamp collection as a teenager and the stamp collecting was an enjoyable hobby for several years. I have joined the postcard crossing project called postcrossing, so I will receive postcards with international stamps on a regular basis.

#Postcrossing Postcard

#Postcrossing Postcard

If you want to support my blogging, you are welcome to purchase some EGO stamps from Zazzle and poscards from Cafepress.

If you want to send me "snail mail," please send it to my mailbox at Mail Boxes Etc.

EGO Mailbox 1564

EGO Mailbox 1564

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I am back from my blog break and with the start of August I will publish a post per day according to the schedule formula I have applied to

Preparing the @TeaPartyNu revolution! #teaFTW

Preparing the @TeaPartyNu revolution! #teaFTW

I want to thank my guest bloggers for great posts and you should know that you are always welcome to write posts whenever you have time...

Here are some pictures from my summer vacation:

Summer Postcard

Summer Postcard

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale Beer & Summer Party

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale Beer & Summer Party

West Coast

West Coast

Drinking "West Coast" IPA beer by Ocean Brewery at "3 Small Rooms" bar in Gothenburg. Photo by Palle Frid Svensson.

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A new flow is coming...

This is THE NEWS of the day. From John Venema' voice, we hear that Orbx is ready to disclose a new "Flow" technology after Object, People and falling leaves. Some simmers, among the venerables ones, are already guessing WaterFlow, which could enhance rivers and lakes. The final answer in a few days with a video.

Danish Airfields X : first previews !

Vidan Design has published his first preview of Danish Airfields X. We start with Herning EKHG in central Jutland....

2 more shots here :

A small video on de-icing feature in Simaddons

This short video edited by Airdailyx shows how works the de-icing in Simaddons canadian airports.

A great lost

It's a sad news in the flight sim world. Jean-Pierre Brisard has just passed away.  With Premier Aircraft Design (PAD), which he joined in 2004, he built dozens of freeware aircrafts. I personally remember of the Socata and the Robin.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aerosoft Keflavik : hot test

Keflavik Intl. BIKF

FS9 and FSX. The unavoidable airport to complete Iceland X. Special price applied. Lack of animations but great textures.

Version tested : Keflavik X FSX V.1.0.
Main developer : Thorsten Reichert (Cuzco, Larnaca, Iceland X and many more...).
File : 234 mb (FSX) 186 (FS9)
Installation : simple but as usual now, you need 5 mn more to update the launcher.
Framerate : very friendly. More than 15 fps on this config :
(quad core 2,33 Ghz, ATI H5850, 8 m.ram. 1 screen 1024 x 1080 x 32 ATI settings at max quality).

A few months ago, the choice to release Iceland without Keflavik was unappropriate. The Rekjavik airport runways are too short for the usual mid-range aircraft. With Keflavik, ti's time to use the Boeing NG or the Airbus. For an inside flight to IsafJörour, Egilsstaoir or an international flight toward Europe.
As promised, Keflavik is sold with a discount for Iceland previous owners. So you get a good rebate if you bought Iceland a few months ago (in my case) or if you buy both products together now.

The bad :

* Lack of animations around the airport. Curiously i didn't see AES lite (but i will check and update this point if i am wrong). But i didn't see custom road traffic neither.
* There are at least three marvelous hangars but you cannot activate the door. Too bad. Since what i saw in Simaddons sceneries, i am more demanding !
* I would have liked 2 or 3 typical static aircrafts. The cargo area is really empty...

The good :

* You will be impressed by the quality of textures everywhere, especially on front  buildings. Some ground textures look like best Orbx sceneries. And the developer really tuned the definition very well in order to get great framerates.
* Really good seasonal textures.
* Since Zurich, Aerosoft really improved itself in night lightings.
* Really fair price with the Iceland X discount.

Main terminal. Textures give a realistic impression of reality and materials.

Nice but i would have like to see inside the terminal.

Irreproachable ground textures


Can't open the hangar !

Great hangar with some rusty textures


Orbx gorgeous kind of texture.


Many details on windows...


Dusk time on winter.


Copyright Airdailyx July 2011

France VFR and FSADDON+ on a closer cooperation

|BtoB] Announced yesterday, the french sceneries designer and the dutch distributor-editor will extend their partnership.../..

Both teams will cross-sell their products on each other shops/webshops. But more than that, they "will actively work towards integrating and expanding certain products. Since both companies have a vested interest in "all things French" and the Alpine regions of Europe, there may be new products combining the perspective strenghts... and passions". said the communique.

We obviously think of Real EArth X products that can be combined with some France VFR range of products. We also think about the new automated autogen (or autogen generator) that might be borrowed or sold. In the opposite, the italian team might (for instance) release some informations about their 3D model mountains but these are just examples of possible technological exchanges. More soon...

BtoB* mean Business to Business. This is information about the flight sim market.

Majestic and Samdim Bombardier Q400

FSX. More screenshots with australian regional Quantas Link.

More on this project :

Kim Kardashian

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Top 10 'British Beauties': Number 1!

As part of their 'Beauty Month' of July, QVC are announcing a list of their top 100 'British Beauties': the most beautiful British women of all time.

I'm really excited to be collaborating with with them to upload a makeup tutorial for each of the top 10. I'm going to be posting the inspiration pictures for each of the looks on here throughout the month.

Number 1 is... Audrey Hepburn!

It's no surprise that Audrey Hepburn takes the No.1 spot. A style and beauty icon, her makeup was classic and remains effortlessly glamourous.

Click HERE to watch my tutorial.

Cross fingers, a KSAN at last for FSX

FSX. A young developer, Sagga, has launched a San Diego airport project. The first previews are promising but FSX simmers will cross fingers... This is the third or fourth KSAN X project after Cielosim* and Flightdream attempts.

So far so good, De Vinci already finished a first airport, Kobe in Japan, that is high quality freeware. San Diego KSAN will be his first payware. We can expect some excellent work.

More informations on De Vinci Development (2De) :!products/vstc17=freewares

San Diego ground textures almost done.

* Cielosim might claim that his San Diego is still ongoing
 but simmers did not see any update or post about it for a long time...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Moving on already? Jennifer Lopez steps out with hunky new man... as they shoot scenes for new film

By DAILY MAIL REPORTER New man on the scene: Jennifer Lopez steps out with Rodrigo Santoro as the pair film scenes from What to Expect When You're Expecting She announced she was splitting from her husband Marc Anthony less than two weeks ago but Jennifer Lopez has already been pictured with a hunky other man. The 42-year-old mother of two was seen enjoying a romantic dinner date with Rodrigo

That's a pretty Wilde outfit Olivia! Actress sports bizarre tiny pink hotpants and furry legwarmers (but it's only for a film role)

By MIKE LARKIN Sad: Sexy star Olivia Wilde looks despondent as she fails to give away a free hug despite her fashion forward outfit while filming Free Hugs in California todayShe may be one of Hollywood's hottest actresses, but it seems Olivia Wilde's fashion sense deserted her today. Luckily, the star's bizarre ensemble of tiny satin pink shorts, strapless blue top and outlandish furry leg

Hold on tight! Selena Gomez enjoys a thrill ride at Universal Studios in a break from her tour

By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Fun in the sun: Selena Gomez took time out of her busy schedule to enjoy herself at Universal Studios todayHer album is riding high in the U.S. billboard charts and she has just embarked on a series of concerts throughout the U.S. So it's not surprising that Selena Gomez needed to take some time out for some much needed relaxation today. The 19-year-old singer and actress

She's quite the handful! Katie Holmes carries her growing daughter Suri as they go shoe shopping in L.A.

By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Carry on: Katie Holmes carried her five-year-old daughter Suri as they shopped for dance shoes in Los Angeles earlier todayLittle Suri Cruise may be growing up fast, but her mother Katie Holmes seemed to have no trouble carrying her today. Katie gave her daughter a lift as they paid a visit to Worldtone Dance in Los Angeles to buy dancing shoes. Mother and daughter looked

Mila Kunis glows at Berlin premiere of Friends With Benefits (well, she did just have a $7k facial)

By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Glow girl: Mila Kunis joined Justin Timberlake at the Berlin premiere of Friends With Benefits today Mila Kunis looked simply radiant at the German premiere of Friends With Benefits today. And given her latest beauty splurge, it is little wonder. The 27-year-old, who is currently on a European promotional tour with co-star Justin Timblerake, indulged a $7,000 facial last


LinkVOGUE photoshoot. NABBED

Fashion School

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3. Tiffany jewelry. Well, some people just have to buy something that was cut as the issuance of a gift, so that she can somehow from Tiffany. Make sure that it is jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and charm – not a feather.

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