Friday, August 19, 2011

Earth Simulation Guernsey : hot test

FSX. After Shawbury field, Alderney or Isles of Sicily, we could expect another hit from Earth Simulations. Guernsey is a splendid scenery despite its weight.

Earth Simulations Guernsey

Version tested : FSX. V.1.

Installation : Easy but takes more than a hour (see below) depending on your computer.

File : more than 3,5 gb.

Framerate : very friendly, including with a recent liner (more than 15 fps on a low quad core 2,33GHz).

A word of Earth Sim buy/install interface. My first opinion about it, written in VirtualCol post was probably prematured. Once you handle it, it's easy and provides security and comfort.

In the opposite, i still don't like the website. Too many popup windows, too many menus. It's my opinion. Each time i don't like a website, i tell it and it 's not the first nor the last time. I specially don't like Aerofiles website neither.

The bad :

* The weight of the scenery (more than 3,5 B). Highest quality = highest weight ?

But even so, 3,5 GB for a so small island is not very comfortable, on my point of view.

Install/unstall times are longer.

* No car traffic. I would have liked some traffic along the coastline or around the airport.

The good :

* The beauty and the quality of the scenery. Guernsey reaches Orbx standards. High definition photographic textures of 30cm/pixel and custom mesh of 1,2 meter.

* The scenery's choice : it's a nice place for islands hoping, for VFR, for IFR with the international airport. The runway length of Guernsey EGJB is 4,800 feets. Long enough for a small liner.

* Four seasons + a special hard winter season.

The Castle Cornet and some hills.

Hundreds of custom buildings and houses.

Winter season. You can specially appreciate the quality of ground definition...

The Guernsey airport. No transparencies in the front of the terminal

but very effective night textures.

The runway supports rain effect.

Absolutely gorgeous tower including many many details and antennas.

Some custom volumetric (?) grass around the Lancair here.

The airport of Guernsey.

Hot test format copyrighted Airdailyx August 2011