Saturday, August 20, 2011

That's a wrap! Jedward invent new dance while dressed in bandages for 'mummy task' as Mohamed Al Fayed makes guest appearance in the house


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Dance like an Egyptian: Jedward try and invent a new dance after being convinced that today's 'mummy task' would involve some choreography

Jedward were not so much walking as dancing like Egyptians today on Celebrity Big Brother as housemates were forced to wear bandage-like mummy costumes.

However, the contestants were initially left in the dark as to why they'd been dolled up in fancy dress as Big Brother failed to reveal what the actual task was.

As a result, hyperactive John and Edward decided that the mission must be to do a little dance - so they started putting together their own unique choreography.

Dancing to their own beat: The 19-year-old twins appeared to have their own shared inner beatbox

In tune: The pair appeared to have perfected a routine as they threw shapes together

Their interpretation of what it meant to be a mummy unsurprisingly involved jumping around a lot, as fellow bandaged-up housemates Darryn Lyons, Bobby Sabel and Paddy Doherty looked on laughing hysterically.

Ever practical Paddy however chimed in asking how they knew what the task was going to be.

He queried: 'How do you know what we're gonna do? Are we going to be doing what you're doing?'

Undead: The housemates were bandaged up further and then had to rise up on the sound of the gong

Special guest: Real-life Egyptian Mohamed Al Fayed was in the house to start the competition

Jedward exclaimed: 'We're telepathic! Or else we're probably going to just bury each other.'

They then had another think, and exclaimed: 'Oh my god, oh my god, someone's clearly going to be in a mummy, and we're probably going to have to unbandage someone then we'll find it's another housemate!'

The housemates had earlier moaned when they put on their costumes, with Tara Reid moaning: 'I look like I'm wearing a top hat.'

Shuuuutup! Amy Childs didn't look very happy at covering up her red locks with a bandage hat

Celebrities unwrapped: All the 11 housemates had to break free of their bandages and stand up as part of the task

Priorities: Tara Reid made sure she still put on her jewellery over the bandages

However, they all got stuck in, even putting on make-up to make themselves look more mummified.

After more bandaging however, they were instructed to lie in the CBB garden.

Former Harrods owner and real-life Egyptian Mohamed Al Fayed then made a guest appearance in the house as the task was finally revealed.

Helping hand: A laughing Al Fayed tries to help up a stricken housemate

In a game that owed a little to escapology, once Al Fayed - dressed in full pharaonic regalia - banged a gong, they had to break free of their bandages and stand up, with the last to rise from the dead deemed the loser.

To mass hilarity all round, Al Fayed proclaimed: 'Mummifed housemates, on hearing the gong, you may begin to rise.'

However, Amy Childs and Kerry Katona are laughing so hard, they don't seem to be able to even stand up.

The live episode of Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel Five tonight at 9.15pm.